The company SPLUS MEDIA LIMITED is incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 and their registered address is No: No 145, Rukmani Lakshmipathy Road, Pudhupet, Chennai-600008. The company launched satellite TV channel “NEWS TAMIL 24 X 7” On 23rd January 2022 with it’s tag line being “Meiporul Kanbathu Arivu” (Knowledge is seeing reality). News Tamil 24x7 is an Indian television channel based in Tamil Nadu Chennai, India.The channel has shown tremendous growth in terms of viewership and grown to be strong challenger brand in the Tamil News genre. We are the No.1 News channel in Chennai.

This growth in viewership was made possible mainly due to high quality content and exposés that we disseminate to the discerning viewer along with our strong distribution network. Use of latest technology also plays a very important role in the way news is
presented which gives the viewer a great visual effect.

This online news media aims to make the people as journalists participate in the creation of news and report the events truthfully and quickly. Messages, videos and photos sent by users will be used after verifying their authenticity. Through this, News Tamil 24x7 channel is Tamil connects people not only with our media but also with news editors and journalists. More than a thousand journalists from all corners of the country provide news 24 hours a day.